During the last month some very extensive purchases have been made of bulls, milch cows, and ewes, of the best breeds this country can produce, on account of the Belgian government, for the purpose of improving their own breeds, whch are of a very inferior quality compared with those of England.

His Majesty KING LEOPOLD being desirous of establishing normal schools of agriculture and rural economy on the same plan as the model farms in various parts of France and Germany, intends offering annual prizes for the best bulls, cows, and sheep, bred and born in Belgium.

Schools of agriculture are about to be established at Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Ostend, Bruges, and other towns, which will be open gratis to all those who are studying the different methods of breeding cattle, particularly oxen and cows;  and to encourage the farmers,  the government has determined upon importing a large number from this country at their own expense, which will be placed at the disposal of the leading agriculturists, under the sanction of the minister of commerce and agriculture.

On Friday five bulls and ten cows were shipped for Ostend, and others will immediately follow, as well as some of the finest bred ewes of Leicestershire and Durham, to cross with those of Belgium.

Very extensive purchases of horses are also being made in this country on account of the Emperor NICHOLAS of Russia and the King of Prussia, for improving the breed.

Several very valuable stallions and brood mares have been shipped during the week for both the above countries by the agents, and at very high prices.