FURTHER PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT. - On Friday last, it was ordered by her Majesty in Council that the parliament be further prorogued to Tuesday the 19th December next.

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. - On the evening of the 8th inst., a public meeting of the friends of this society was held at the Horns Tavern, Kennington.  H. KEMBLE, Esq., M.P. in the chair.  The report, whch was read by the secretary, gave an encouraging account of the operations of the society  --  £115,000 having been collected during the past year.

WINTER ASSIZE. -  It is now thought that a winter assize will be held at York.  The "Law Times" of this week gives the following information: -  "Nothing is yet positively known as to the projected winter circuit.  It was stated in Westminster Hall, that the government was waiting some returns from the prisons before it came to any final resolution on the subject.  It is probable that, if adopted at all, it will be but partially so, on some two or three circuits only."

THE HEALTH OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. -  It is expected that his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, whose health, we regret to state, is not so good as could be ardently desired, will very shortly be taken to Brighton, in the hope that the sea breeze and change of air may be beneficial to the heir apparent.

During his Royal Highness's sojourn at the Pavilion (should the contemplated arrangement be carried into effect) two companies of the Grenadier Guards, now in garrison at Windsor, will do duty at the Pavilion.  His Royal Highness will probably be absent from Windsor for three weeks or a month......."Morning Herald".

We understand that MR. PAGAN, the Comptroller of Customs at Maryport will shortly exchange places with the Comptroller at Workington.

At the sale of the MESSRS. FORSTER's estate last evening, the Fisher-street property was purchased by the MESSRS. DIXON, for £5,500, and was considered to have sold cheap.

A cluster of ten perfect potatoes, completely united, and growing from one root, was taken up last Monday in the garden of JOSEPH P. SENHOUSE, Esq., of Netherhall, near Maryport.

F. U. GRAHAM, Esq., eldest son of the RIGHT HON. SIR J. R. G. GRAHAM, Bart., has arrived at Netherby Hall from the Highlands of Scotland, where he has been most successful in the noble sport of deer-stalking.

TAIL TRIMMING. - The practice of cutting the hair off the tails of cattle, which is done for the purpose of sale, is rapidly extending in this county, and requires renewed activity on the part of the local constables.  The operation is always roughly performed, and the animal often injured;  but the owners complain most of the unsightly disfigurement when the animal is brought to market.  In the western parts of the county, "tail-trimming" - as well as the practice of milking cows at pasture, &c &c, is decidedly on the increase.