The attendance of men and women servants on Saturday last, was unusually large, and as constantly happens when this is the case, the hiring was comparatively slow, and wages did not range high.  The highest rate we have heard of for even first rate men servants was £10;   but the average was not more than £7 or £8;   young men, from sixteen to twenty four years of age got from £3 to £5;   women servants for country work, averaged from £3 to £4;   and for town work, they were hired at from £2 to £3 10s the half year.


A great number of servants of both sexes were present on Tuesday last, when wages ranged extremely low;  and many were unable to meet with masters at even the most reduced rates.  Good known men servants obtained from £6 to £7 10s;   but many who were not known had to submit to wages varying from £4 10s to £5 15s;   good female servants received from £3 to £3 15s, and in some instances £4 and 4 guineas were realized, but the main hirings were from between £2 and £3;  boys and girls might be had at almost any sum, as places for such were very difficult to be met with.  After the hiring was over, dancing commenced as usual, at the various inns, and the amusements were kept up until a late, or rather, an early hour.


The number of servants on Monday was very great, but as masters were scarce, and the rate of wages offered was low, many went away unhired.  Several good servants of known character, who on former occasions could readily obtain £10m were glad to obtain from £5 to £9.  Women servants were also plentiful, and these hired when they could meet with masters at from £3 to £4 10s;  and in a few instances at £5.  Upon the whole, however, the hiring was considered brisk as compared with others previously held this term in Cumberland.


Our hiring was well attended by farm servants of both sexes;  but the masters were easy about hiring.  The wages offered are from £2 to £3 lower than Whitsuntide hiring;  and even at this reduction, many were unasked a price.


The attendance on Saturday was numerous, but the hiring was poor, and only known good servants met with masters.


The attendance on Saturday was better than for many years past.  The hiring was brisk, and good servants were soon engaged at fair wages.


The hiring took place on Friday last.  It was tolerably brisk.


The hiring for servants was held in the Parade Ground, Newcastle, on Tuesday last.  There were a very great number of servants applying for situations, but the masters present were few.  Men servants obtained from £3 to £5 10s;   and women servants, from £2 to £ 3 10s for the half year.

APPLEBY,             SATURDAY. The day, though dark and gloomy, was very favourable, and great numbers of servants of both sexes were congregated in the town, most of whom were hired, but at much reduced wages;   some men servants getting only from £4 to £5 the half year.


The hiring market for half-yearly servants, was held on Wednesday week, there was a throng attendance, but dull hiring, wages being for women, from 35s to 40s;   men £4 10s to £5 10s, and particular hands so far as £6;   boys, 30s to 40s.

Many servants were, however, disappointed in obtaining engagements.