We are glad to learn that active steps have already been taken to complete the line of railway communication between Maryport and Carlisle.

The route being principally along the sea shore, presents unusual engineering facilities; and we learn with satisfaction, that the principal assistant of MR. R. STEPHENSON, the eminent engineer, who has completed the surveys, speaks of the work as presenting no difficulties whatever.

The requisite parliamentary notices have already appeared;  and an application for a bill will be made to the legislature in the ensuing session.

As a part of the important chain of railways between Newcastle and the Cumberland coast, to which we referred last week, and as a line calculated to enhance considerably the traffic on the Maryport and Carlisle, and Lancaster lines, this undertaking has our best wishes, and as the estimates are very encouraging, and there is no prospect of any kind of opposiiton, we have no doubt of its success.