At Houghton Hall, on the 13th instant, Mary Tirzah, aged 9 years, the
beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter James DIXON.

At St. Mary's Holme, Lanercost, on the 14th instant, aged 77, Hugh
PATRICKSON, Esq., a Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace for the
County of Cumberland.

At the house of his son-in-law, in Charlotte Street, on the 6th inst., Mr.
William NORMAN, shoemaker, formerly of Beaumont, aged 95 years, much
respected.  Deceased has left 95 descendants, consisting of 8 sons and
daughters, 36 grand children, and 51 great grand children.

At 58, Scotch Street, in this city, on Tuesday;  the 16th instant.  Thomas
Henry LONSDALE, eldest son of Mr. J. I. LONSDALE, printer and stationer,
aged 8 years.

At St. Mary's Workhouse, Carlisle, on the 11th instant, David FLETCHER,
gardener, aged 68

    In Armstrong's Lane, Rickergate,on the 12th, George McALLISTER, aged 4

In Bridge Street, on the 12th, James DONNELLY, aged 27

 In Sewell's Lane, Scotch Street, on the 14th, Sarah Ann BURROW, aged 22.

On the 15th instant, at his residence, 14, Etterby-street, Stanwix, William
STUBBS, aged 62.

At Kirkbride, on the 14th instant, of typhus fever, Jame OLIPHANT, aged 31.

At Great Salkeld, on the 10th instant, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Richard
BLACKLOCK, aged 74, greatle respected.

Recently, Thomas, the eldest son of Mr. John FENTON of the Pack Horse Inn,
Penrith, aged 23.  Deceased was a joiner by trade, and a young man of great
promise.  He emigrated some time ago to America, but was obliged to return
through ill health.  Consumption had attacked his once robust constitution;
he only survived his arrival at the house of his parents about three weeks.
He was a youth highly esteemed by all who knew him.

In Arthur Street, Penrith, on the 13th instant, Elizabeth BRISCO, late of
the Coach and Horses Inn, aged 66

On the 14th, at the Union Workhouse, Joseph BULMAN, aged 79.

On the 15th instant, aged 68, Mr. John WATSON, formerly of the George Hotel,
Penrith, and father of Mr. WATSON, druggist of that town.

On the 12th instant, at Card*rnock, Bowness, Sarah, daughter of the late Mr.
John PATTINSON, aged 52.

At 25, Norfolk-road, St. John's-wood,  London, aged 57, Mr. Parkin
FOTHERGILL, a native of Ravenstonedale, Westmorland.

At Bampton Grange, on the 9th instant, suddenly Jane IRVING, aged 36.

At Alston, on the 11th instant, Dorothy, relict of the late William
ARMSTRONG, aged 78.



On Thursday morning, Nov. 1, at his house in Lowther-street, Whitehaven,
John SPENCER, Esquire, one of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this
county, in the 75th year of his age.  By the death of this worthy and
exemplary gentleman a vacancy is created at the Board of Trustees for the
port, harbour, and town of Whitehaven, at the Board of Directors of the
Whitehaven Junction Railway, and in the Committee of Management of the
Whtiehaven Gas Light Company, of which he was chairman.  Mr. SPENCER'S
health had been declining for a considerable time past, yet up to the Sunday
preceding his death no perceptible change had been observed, but a severe
attack of illness in the evening of that day, terminated fatally at an early
hour on the following Thursday.  The deceased gentleman bore an
irreproachable character through life, was universally esteemed, and by his
death many a poor family have lost a sympathising friend.

At Alston, on the 12th inst., Mary, relict of the late Mr. Thomas BURN, of
the Dun Cow Inn, aged 77.

At Nest, near Alston, on the 19th inst., Mr. Peter BAINBRIDGE, aged 77.

At Haltwhistle, on the 15th instant, Mrs. LAWS, wife of Mr. John LAWS,
postmaster, aged 60.

On the 9th instant, at Shap, Mr. William CASTLEY, carpenter, aged 69.

At Low Biggins, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Mrs. HARRISON, advanced in years.

On the 6th instant, near Keswick, Cumberland, Mr. George TICKELL, in his
62nd year, many years a commercial traveller.

At Akehead, Wigton, on the 12th instant, Jane, widow of the late George
HUNTER, aged 74.

In the Corn Market, Wigton, on the 12th instant, Thomas ARMSTRONG, calico
printer, aged 81

On the 14th , Mr. James BELL, aged 65.

At Ireby, on the 9th instant, Mr. William RAILTON, yeoman, aged 74.  He was
much esteemed and highly respected, and his loss as a man of business will
be greatly felt in his immediate neighbourhood.

At Gilcrux, on the 4th instant, Mr. James Wilson, aged 28.

At Dearham, on the 13th instant, Mr. Joseph TOLSON, aged 77.

On the 18th, Mary, wife of Mr. James ALLAN, aged 66.

On the 12th instant, at West Newington, Edinburgh, Sarah, the widow of the
late Rev. Walter FAIRLIE, and youngest daughter of the late Adam BITTLESTON,
of Maryport, Cumberland, Esq.

At Cockermouth, on the 11th instant, Richard James DIXON, aged 17

On the 19th, James, infant son of Mr. Thomas DAVIDSON.

On the 12th, Sarah, infant daughter of Mr. John JACKSON.

At Woodgate Terrace, Egremont, on the 12th inst., James, second son of Mr.
Thomas APPLEBY, builder, aged 7 years.

In Lowe's-court, on the 13th, Martha, relict of Mr. Isaac FARRER, waller,
aged 80.

At Aspatria, on the 11th instant, Mr. John BURNET, parish clerk for nearly
40 years in the 72nd year of his age.  He had filled this office for nearly
38 years, besides having acted for two years in the same capacity as the
deputy of his grandfather and immediate predecessor, who had previously held
the office upwards of half a century.  He was a man of remarkably
inoffensive disposition, and was much beloved by his parishioners, great
numbers of whom assembled on the occasion of his funeral, which took place
on Sunday evening last.  During his lengthened tenure of office, he had
never been absent from his post through indisposition or otherwise;  nor did
any symptoms of an alarming nature exhibit themselves until within a few
hours of his decease.

On Monday, at his residence, Kingston Park, near Whitehaven, in the 82nd
year of his age, William CARRUTHERS, Esq.  The deceased gentleman was
closely connected with the shipping interest, and highly respected by a
numerous circle of friends.


At his father's house, 11, Carton-lane, Whitehaven, on the 13th instant,
after a short illness in scarlet fever, James, son of Mr. Jonathan KITCHIN,
joiner, aged 20 years and 3 months.  The deceased - a young man of great
promise - was much respected.

On Saturday morning last, in Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, after a short
illness, Mrs. Grace RUSSELL, widow, aged 72.

At 11, Horbury Crescent, Notting Hill, London, on the 10th instant, aged 35,
Maria Anne, wife of the Rev. Wm. PUNSHON, Wesleyan Minister.

At No. 16, New Burlington-street, London, on the 7th instant, the BARON DE
STERNBERG, after a lingering and painful illness.

At Camden Town, London, on the 10th instant, Richard, third son of Mr.
William SOFTLEY, painter, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 27.

At Albany Place, Dumfries, Helen, relict of the late Mr. James NICHOLSON,
farmer, Riggheads, Torthorwald, aged 79.

At Maryfield, Kelton, on the 13th instant, Mr. Alexander BROWN, farmer

At Hong Kong, on the 17th of July, William Fraser BEVAN, aged 39 son of the
late Captain Henry BEVAN, Dumfriesshire Militia.

At the Sun Inn Close, High Street, Dumfries, on the 14th instant, Jane,
daughter of Mr. John JACKSON.

At Rigg of Gretna, Wm. NICHOLSON, tailor, in the 81st year of his age

Same place on the 12th instant, Mrs. Janet THOMPSON, aged 64.

On the 11th instant, aged 73 years, William PURCHAS, Esq., of Flanders Hall,
West Burton, Wensleydale.

On the 10th instant, at his residence, Blackwell, Darlington,  John Church
BACKHOUSE, Esq., aged 47.

At the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. E. CLINT, Mr. Gabriel CHALMERS, in
the 81st year of his age.  The deceased was a native of the parish of
Cummertrees, Scotland, but emigrated to this country about 21 years ago,
where, by his untiring industry and skill in agriculture, he had acquired
considerable substance.  He held a commission of a Justice of the Peace - an
office for whose duties he was well capacitated. - 'Rideau Gleaner, Canada,
Sept. 17.

On the 4th inst., the Lady Frances Julia MAYNARD, wife of Colonel the Hon.
Charles Henry MAYNARD, only son of Viscount MAYNARD, Lord-Lieutenant of the
county of Essex.  Her Ladyship died at Shern Hall, Walthamstow, on the
anniversary of her birthday, deeply lamented.  Lady Frances was born on the
4th of November, 1821, and was the youngest child of James, BARON GLENLYON,
by Lady Emily PERCY, fifth daughter of Hugh, second DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND,
and was youngest sister of the present DUKE OF ATHOLL.