ADAMS.--On the 1st inst., at Cockermouth,
    Mr. John ADAMS, in his 71st year.
BIRKETT.--On the 8th inst., at Irish-street,
    ages 50 years, Mr. William BIRKETT, ledger
    clerk at the Harbour Office, Whitehaven.
BRANTHWAITE.--On the 10th inst., at Todhunter's
    buildings, Queen-street, Mr. Joshua BRAN-
    THWAITE, stonemason, aged 39 years.
DAWSON.--On the 8th inst., at 24, Water-street,
    Carlisle, Mr. George DAWSON, aged 66 years.
DEVLIN.--On the 12th inst., at 37, Chapel-street,
    Louisa, daughter of Mr. J. DEVLIN, hawker,
    aged 1 year and 3 months.
GLOVER.--On the 8th inst., at Melton Mowbray,
    very suddenly, Robert GLOVER, Esq., aged
    65 years.
HUDDLESTON.--On the 4th inst., at his residence,
    Crosshill, Workington, John HUDDLESTON,
HODGSON.--On the 8th inst., at the Infirmary,
    Howgill-street, Joseph, son of Mr. William
    HODGSON, aged 16 years.
KAY.--On the 3rd inst., in Curwen-street, Work-
    ington, Ann, relict of John KAY, Esq., of the
    H.M. Customs, advanced in years.
LEWIN.--On the 5th inst., at 2, Senhouse-lane,
    Senhouse-street, Whitehaven, Sarah Frances
    Ellen Scott, daughter of Mr. Alexander LEWIN,
    mariner, aged 4 years and 1 month.
M'GRIEVY.--On the 6th inst., at the Market-
    place, Whitehaven, Mr. Hugh M'GRIEVY,
    tailor, aged 39 years.
MARTIN.--On the 10th inst., at High Dyke,
    Frizington, William, third son of Mr. William
    MARTIN, aged 17 years.
MARSH.--On the 8th inst., at Gosforth Gate,
    William, son of the late Mr. Henry MARSH,
    joiner, in the 18th year of his age.
MOSSOP.--On the 29th ult., at Low Petton,
    in the parish of Gosforth, James, youngest
    son of the late Mr. Thomas MOSSOP,
    veterinary surgeon, aged 32 years.
PEIRSON.--On the 2nd inst., at South View,
    near York, Charles HARLAND, son of
    Harland PEIRSON, Esq., formerly of this
POSTLETHWAITE.--On the 11th inst., at 38,
    Charles-street, Mr. Robert POSTLETHWAITE,
    aged 19 years.
RICHARDSON.--On the 10th inst., at 35, Chapel-
    street, William, son of Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON,
    aged 12 days.
SWAILS.--On the 11th inst., at the Infirmary,
    Howgill-street, Mr. John SWAILS, grinder,
    aged 44 years.
STERLING.--On the 9th inst., at Barcaldine,
    Argyleshire, Arthur PATRICK, infant son of
    John Sterling, Esq., aged 6 months.
WAITE.--On the 9th inst., at Sandhills-lane,
    Mr. John WAITE, schoolmaster, aged 74 years.
WILKINSON.--On the 5th inst., at 11, Bracken-
    thwaite, Whitehaven, Mr. John WILKINSON,
    accountant, aged 63 years.