CLARKE--CRAWLEY.--On the 10 inst., at the Register
    Office, Whitehaven, Mr. John CLARKE, labourer, to
    Miss Jane Ann CRAWLEY, both of Whitehaven.
McMICKING--NICHOLSON.--On the 11th August, at
    Christ Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. J. Stanley
    LOW, assisted by the Rev. S. L. CHASE, Robert
    McMICKING, Esq., Manus, Upper Murray, to Eleanor
    JANE, only child of Germain NICHOLSON, Esq., St.
    Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
REELING--RUDDY.--On the 11th inst., at the Register
    Office, Whitehaven, Mr. Alexander REELING, coal miner,
    to Miss Eleanor RUDDY, both of New Houses, White-
SEWELL--BOWE.--On the 7th inst., at the Independent
    Chapel, Duke-street, by licence, Mr. Thomas SEWELL,
    to Miss Sarah BOWE, both of Queen-street, Whitehaven.
TOWNSON--WILSON.--On the 30th ult., at Millom Parish
    Church, by the Rev. J. IRVING, vicar, Mr. Stephen
    TOWNSON, of Ulpha, in the parish of Millom, to Miss
    WILSON, only child of Mr. W. WILSON, yeoman, Ulpha.
TAGGART--DICKSON.--On the 5th inst., at Bowling, Dum-
    bartonshire, by the Rev. Mr. RUSSEL, Mr. R.M. TAGGART,
    draper, Whitehaven, to Agnes WATSON, eldest daughter
    of Mr. Matthew DICKSON, officer of Inland Revenue,
    Tambowie, near Glasgow.
YOUNG--RANDLESON.--On the 9th inst., at the Registrar's
    Office, Carlisle, Mr. James YOUNG, stoker, Caledonian
    Railway, to Miss Hannah RANDLESON, Carlisle.