SHIPS IN DUBLIN MARKET.--OCTOBER11.
1. Ada                    6. Jane                    11. Union
2. Woodville           7. Laurel                  12. Ceres
3. Endeavour         8. William & Mary    13. Mary Ann
4. Whitehaven       9. Cumbrian             14. Elizabeth
5. Nicholson         10. Mary                    15. Argestes
    October 6th.--Lady Alice Kenlis (ss), Dove, Dundrum.
Marley Hill (ss). Dart, Liverpool.  Galatea (Trinity boat),
Hatterby, Fleetwood.  Otway, Jones, Balbriggan.  Jane
Bacon (ss), Warke, Britonferry.  Rover, Clucas, Peel.
    7th.--Queen of the Isles (ss), Lowes, Morecambe.
Queen (s), Wesh, Belfast.  Elizabeth Worthington,
Holmes, from Larne for Ulverston.
    8th.--Maid of Erin, Morgan, Newcastle.  Prince of
Mona, Cowan, Port St. Mary.
    9th.--Willow, Krueft, Stettin.  Zephyr, Bridson; Ant,
M'Williams, Wigtown.  Margaret and Mary, M'Kie,
Garliestown.  Peter, James; Lewis, Kinmist; Queen (s),
Welsh, Liverpool.
    10th.-- Eclipse, Wilson; Margaret, Bradshaw, Fleet-
wood.  Sparling, Bennett, Belfast.  Ituna, Weary; Park-
side, Saul, Liverpool. Bloomer, Clucas, Peel, Eleanor
and Mary, Remand, Dundrum.  John and Samuel, Vint,
Donaghadee.  Helen and Mary, Holmes, Liverpool.
Keith Stewart, M'Dadd, Gatehouse.  Nanscow, Johnston,
Ardglass.  Kitten, Hughes; Rush, Brown, Dublin.
Thomas Ferguson, Davitt, Bray.  Game Cock, Flinn;
Trial, Clarke, Dublin.
    11th.--Orozimbo, Lewin, Dublin.  Seapoint, Connor,
Malahide.  Cyril, Cass, Carlingford.  Susanna, Cuthbert,
Bray. Sally and Ann, Quirk; Syren, Murphy, Balbrig-
gan.  Astrea, Blaney, Dublin.  Spy, Gale, Port St. Mary.
William, Cumberford, Balbriggan.  Collin Russell, Quinn,
    12th.--Adam White, Gordon, Belfast.  Brunette, Cal-
low, Ramsey.  Viola, Carron, Newry. Violet, Watterson;
Bessie, Curlett, Castletown.  Beagle, Jackson, Belfast.
Samuel, Warren, Balbriggan.  Vivency, Cubbins, Castle-
town.  Eagle Eyed, Richards; Henry, Murphy, Dublin.
Henry Tuke, Burns, Newry.  William and Sarah, Con-
nor, Malahide.  Mona's Queen (s), Fell, Ramsey.  Cale-
donian, Hill, Kustendji.
    13th.--Swallow, Stevenson, Garliestown.  Blue Bell,
M'Guire, Dundalk. Mary Jane, Gordon, Dublin.  Lance,
Mullin, Kingstown.  Laurel, Mackintosh; Elizabeth Jane,
Tyrer, Belfast.
    October 6th.--Mona's Queen (s), Fell, Ramsey.  Jane,
Harlon, Skerries.  Reaper, Hodgson, Port St. Mary. Anns-
boro' (ss), M'Bride, Troom.  Marley Hill (ss), Dart, New-
port.  Spy, Hicks, Ardossan. Lady Alice Kenlis (ss),
Dove, Dundrum.
    7th.--Galatea (Trinity boat), Hattersby, Liverpool.
Queen of the Isles (ss), Lowes, Troon.
    8th.--Lady Helen, Rennie, Garliestown.  Queen (s),
Welsh, Liverpool.  Bridget, Callow, Ramsey.  Tanaro,
Cowman' Elizabeth Kelly, Kelly; Ada, Owens; Courier,
Hutton, Cardiff.  Elizabaeth Worthington, Holms, Ulver-
ston.  Ann, M'Guire, Dundalk.  Progress, Downs, Dublin.
    9th.--Jane Bacon (ss), Warke, Britonferry.  Comet,
Brodie, Whithorn.  Excel, Bell, Cardiff.  Elizaabeth Cow-
man, Hodgson; Otway, Jones, Newport.  Sarah, Cowley,
Dublin.  Manxman, Callow, Castletown.  Prince of Mona,
Port St. Mary.  Curwen and Braddyl, Fearon, Dublin.
    10th.--Mark, Black, Water of Urr.
    11th.--Rover, Clucas, Peel.
    12th.--Queen (s), Welsh, Belfast.
    13th.--Mona's Queen (s), Fell, Ramsey.
    CARDIFF, October 11th.--Captain RALPH, of the
brig Kitty, of Whitehaven, reports having passed,
about 20 miles off the Smalls, on the 7th inst., a
brigantine of about 250 tons, and loaded, with her
jibboom, mainsail, &c., carried away.  Could not
render any assistance, being a calm, but could see
her settling down.
    The Wilson, M'Greavey, hence, at Newport on the
9th inst.
    The Hematite, Knight, sailed from Newport for
Gibraltar on the 8th inst.
    The Industry, Cairns, hence on the 10th inst.;
the S.A. Ruskell, Price; Kitty, Ralph, hence; the
Alexander, Dockerty, from Duddon; the Enterprise,
Todhunter; Belt, Denvin, from Workington; the
Fawcett, Flinn; Kongeornen, Axelsen, from Mary-
port on the 11th inst.--all at Cardiff.
    The Progress, hence, at Dublin on the 11th inst.
    The Save You, Farrell; Elise, Scharnberg, hence
at Newport on the 11th inst.
    The Agamemnon (ss), Middleton, from Marseilles,
at Genoa on the 8th, and sailed for Leghorn on the
9th inst.
    The Sir Lancelot, Robinson, from Foochoofoo for
London, passed St. Helena on the 11 ult.
    The Chrysolite, Nichols, sailed from Sulina for United
Kingdom on the 30th ult.
    The Lahloo, Smith; Ariel, Courtney, from Foochoofoo,
at London on the 12th inst.
    The Condor, Iddon, from Workington, at Bowlin on
the 11th inst.
    Ayr, October 11th.--Off, the Unrestricted (brig), of
Dundee, from Silloth.
    The Anna Maria, of Dumbries, from the Clyde for
Valparaiso (general cargo), was reported from New
York (by cable) lost on the coast of Rio Janeiro.
    The Tiara, Thompson, from Villa Real, at Liverpool
on the 13th inst.
    The Omega (new ship), Gibson, from Workinton; the
Florist, Martin, from Leghorn; the Allies, Connor, from
Pomaron; the G.L. Waters, Cain, from Huelva, all at
Liverpool on the 9th inst.
    The Globe, Reid, cleared at Liverpool for Malaga, on the
9th inst.
    The Diana, from Maryport; the Grace Darling, from
Workington, at Londonderry on the 8th inst.
    The Uzella, Junkin, sailed from Par for this port on
the 9th inst.
    The Maria, M'Cormick; Rose, Hind, hence at Neath
on the 10th inst.
    The Corea, sailed from Deal for Penang on the 11th
    The Teesdale, Scarrow, from London, at Bombay on the
10th September.
    The Annie Logan, sailed from St. Jago De Cuba, for
Falmouth, on the 14th September.
    The Bowfell, from Calcutta for Liverpool, off the Ascen-
cion on the 6th september.
    The Sarah Anderson, Dickie, from Bangkok, at St.
Helna on the 1st September, and sailed for Falmouth on
the 3rd September.
    The Leslie, M'Garrell, from Maryport on the 7th inst.;
the Lady May, Cranson, from Workington on the 8th
inst., at Larne.
    TOBERMORY, October 8th.--Put in on the 1st inst.,
the Prosperity, Thompson, from Lochorn, and sailed
for Solway Frith on the 8th inst.
    ISLE OF WIGHT, October 9th.--Off, the Tantallon Castle,
Howson, from London for Calcutta, and landed pilot.
    SPOKEN.--The Trafalgar, from Quebec for Whitehaven,
October 4th, lat. 51N., long. 9 W., had experienced a very
heavy gale from the northward, during which she shipped
heavy sea and lost one hand overboard.
    NEW YORK, (by Atlantic Cable.) -- The Anna Mary, from
Amlwch for Quebec, ashore on Beaumont Shoal.
    The Sarah Douglas, Douglas, from Halifax, at Warren-
point on the 6th inst.
    SCILLY, ST. MARY'S, October 8th, Off 7th.--The ship
Leander, Petherick, from Foochoofoo for London, 35
miles W.S.S.
    DEAL, October 8th.--Passed: The William Fisher, from
Havre for Newcastle.
    The Michael Hutchinson, Ditchburn, from Liverpool,
at San Francisco on the 25th September.
    The Meteor (ss), Watters, from Whitehaven, atHelvoet
on the 7th inst.
    The Mountain Laurel, ---, from London, at Kurrachee
(no date)
    The Mary Nicholson, Freebody, from Saigon, at Yoko-
hama on the 14th August.
    The Eagle, Lowther, sailed from Swansea for Tronville
on the 7th inst.
    The Triumph, Hewitt; the Nymph, Gaitskill, from
Whitehaven, at Neath on the 8th inst.
    The Sprite, Wright, from Whitehave, at Ardossan on
the 6th inst.
    The Donegal Boadle; the Douro, Reid, from Cardiff;
the Elizabeth Conway, Murphy, from Newport, at Belfast
on the 7th inst.
    The Emma Jane, from Maryport; the Abigail, from
Silloth; the Argestes, Carter; and the Gipsey, ----, from
Whitehaven; the Jane and Jessie, Campbell, from
Cardiff; the Albert, from Workinton,--all at Dublin on
the 7th inst.
    The Dryad, Osborne, for Cett; the Pearl, Harris, for
Gibraltar, sailed from Liverpool on the 7th inst.
    The Tiara, Thompson, and the Eskett, Anderson, sailed
from Villa Real for Liverpool on the 2nd inst.
    SPOKEN.--The ship Mahanada, September 23rd, lat. 41
N., long. 21 W.  The River Mersey, from Glasgow for San
Francisco, August 29th, lat. 2.53 S., long. 26.35 W.
The ship Martaban, bound west, October 2nd, lat. 49.14
N., long. 9.23 W.
    The Sarah Burnyeat, Smith, sailed from Liverpool for
Monte Video on the 7th inst.
    The Fellowcraft, Bell; the Huntress, Ferguson; the
Margaret, M'Calpin; the Belmerino, M'Calpin; the Sam
Slick, Semple; the Teaser, Beattie, from Maryport, at
Belfast on the 8th inst.
    The Betsey Bateman, Humphreys; the Smiler, Mann,
from Whitehaven, at Cardiff on the 8th inst.
    The Brothers, Sanderson, from Cardiff, at Dundalk on
the 6th inst.
    The Tantallon Castle, Hewson, sailed from Deal for
Calcutta on the 8th inst.
    The Benita, Wilson, sailed from Gloucester for Cardiff
on the 8th inst.
    The River Avon, Hewitt, from Liverpool, at Glasgow
on the 7th inst.
    The Carlisle, Shapcott, entered at Liverpool for Mel-
bourne and Geelong on the 8th inst.
    The Emily Burnyeat, Brewster, sailed from Newport
for Gibraltar on the 7th inst.
    RECORD OF WRECKS.--The number of wrecks reported
during the past week has been 52, making for the present
year a total of 1,814.