Terrible Riot of French Miners
The Official Journal, published on Saturday morning,
announces that disturbances of a serious character
have taken place at St. Aubin, Aveyron, in consequence
of a strike among the miners employed by the Compagnie
d'Orleans.  The men on strike attempted to drown the
chief engineer of the company, and wounded the sub-
prefect and his deputy.  The general stores and
warehouses of the company were also burnt at the same
time.  On Friday morning an actual riot occurred, when
the troops were attacked; they fired upon their assailants,
killing ten and wounding several more of the rioters.
Further details have been received respecting the
disturbances at Saint Aubin, resulting from the strike of
the miners in that district.  In the encounter which took
place with the troops yesterday 14 persons were killed
and 22 wounded.  Among the victims were three
individuals who took no part in the tumult.  No further
conflict has taken place today, but the workpeople have
formed themselves into groups about the town, and
are assuming a menacing attitude.  The authorities
have sent for a battalion of Chasseurs, and the presence
of the troops will most likely put an end to the agitation.
-- Paris, October 10.  No fresh disturbances have occurred
at St. Aubin, but none of the men on strike have as yet
resumed work.  Their number is estimated at 2,000
and they are closely watched by a force sufficient to
suppress any renewed attempt at rioting.