Half-Yearly Statement of the Accounts
of this Union, together with the Relief
Order Book and the Ledgers, will, on
the 20th day of October, 1869, be de-
posited at the Clerk's Office, in Cocker-
mouth, and such statement and books
will be open to be inspected, examined,
and copied by any Owner of property or
Ratepayer in the said Union, at any
reasonable hour in the day-time, when
the Board of Guardians is not sitting,
until the 27th day of October, 1869;
and that on the last mentioned day, at
the hour of nine in the forenoon, the
accounts of the Union will be audited
by R. R. YARKER, Esq., the Auditor of
the District comprising this Union, at
the Board-room, in the Workhouse, at
Cockermouth, when and where every
such owner or ratepayer in the Union,
who may have any objection to any
matter contained in the above men-
tioned accounts, may attend, and prefer
his objection, and the same will be heard
by the auditor.
    Dated this 8th day of October, 1869,
                    JOHN MUSGRAVE,            
                Clerk to the Board of Guardians.