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E.MILLER will Thank Customers to
RETURN all EMPTIES  immediately.
Egremont Brewery, October 13th, 1869.
JUST ARRIVED, from the Danube, per
"Caledonia," 3,000 Quarters prime MAIZE,
or Indian Corn, in splendid condition, at
a low price.  Apply to JOHN TOWERSON.
THANKS.  I beg to return my best Thanks
to Friends and Neighbours for their prompt
and valuable assistance, on the occasion of
the FIRE at Cleator Mill, on August 14th.
    In consequence of absence from home
when the accident happened, I was unable
to judge how much I was indebted to my
Neighbours and well wishers for their ass-
istance, but on my return I have learnt
how great that obligation is.
                                THOMAS AINSWORTH.
Cleator Mill, October 12th, 1869
BOOTLE FAIR.  The Annual FAIR for
the Hiring of Servants will be held at
Bootle this year on THURSDAY, the
11th day of November, 1869.
IATION.  The next MEETING of this
Society will be held on Tuesday, the
19th inst., when the following Papers
will be read: "Ferns," W.H. KITCHIN,
Esq. (this paper will be illustrated with
living plants, &c.)  "Surface Geology,"
M.A. MOON, F.G.S. (to be illustrated
with Diagrams and Specimens).
                        B. TAYLOR, Hon, Sec.
ALL Persons having CLAIMS against
the Estate of Mr. THOMAS CAMERON,
late of Egremont, shoemaker, deceased,
are requested to send in the amounts
and particulars of their respective claims
to Messrs. LUMB and HOWSON, solicitors,
Whitehaven, on or before, the 28th day
of October, 1869.
TURAL SOCIETY.  The Secretary will
attend at the Albion Hotel, between
the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on
THURSDAY, the 21st, to PAY the
Premiums.  It is respectfully requested
that all Subscriptions be paid up be-
fore that date, and all who have Claims
against the Society to send in their
accounts as soon as convenient, in
order that the Books may be made
up prior to the appointment of a new
        ROBT. JEFFERSON, Hon. Secretary.
    Preston Hows, October 13th, 1869.
longlands, Gosforth, who obtained the
second prize for Green Crops at Esk-
dale Sheep Show, on the 5th instant,
not being satisfied with the Judges'
decision, offers a Challenge to the said
Judges, that he will SHOW the FIELD
OF TURNIPS which obtained the Sec-
ond Prize, against the First Prize Crop,
for any sum of money between £5 and
£20; to be inspected by two disinterested
persons, each of the competing parties
nominating one, on the same conditions
as at the Eskdale Show, viz., climate and
soil to be taken into consideration.
    Longlands, October 11th, 1869.