Wanted, a Well-educated  YOUTH,
as an Apprentice to the Printing
Business. Apply at the News office.
Wanted, immediately, a Respectable
PERSON, to attend upon a Tap.  Apply
to  G. W. HASTINGS, Pow street, Work-
ington.  References required.
Wanted, an active, intelligent, and
well educated YOUTH, for a Merchant's
office.  Apply by letter, addressed Box 66,
Post Office, Whitehaven.
Wanted, a Steady Journeyman SHOE
MAKER, one accustomed to Country
Trade; also an APPRENTICE. Apply
to Isaac MAWSON, Holmrook.
Wanted, an APPRENTICE to the
General Drapery Business; also, a
respectable girl as an Apprentice to
the Millinery Business. Apply to
street,  Whitehaven.
Wanted, to RENT, in the neighbour-
hood, a Good HOUSE, to contain not
less than two Sitting and four Bed
Rooms, with Attics and the usual
Kitchen accommodation.  Apply by
letter, stating rent and full particulars,
to A.B., Post-office, Beckermet, via
        TO JOINERS, &c.
Wanted, a GOOD JOINER for Pit
Work, one accustomed to Circular Saw
preferred.  Wages from 27s. to 30s. per
week. Apply personally, to YARLSIDE
MINING COMPANY, Dalton-in-furness.
   Parkhouse, 1st October, 1869.