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Mr Gordon Falcon, Coroner for the division held an inquest at the

Crosthwaite National (Girls) School on Monday noon touching the death of

Joseph Akitt aged 80 years, who had succumbed the previous Saturday to self

inflicted  injury : Mr J F Hope was foreman of the jury.

Joseph Akitt, son of the deceased said his father had lived retired with him

at High Hill Keswick for about 71/2 years and had complained for sometime of

pains in the head. He had been under the care of the doctor for the last six

weeks for influenza and pains in the head. On Wednesday and Thursday nights

he seemed more cheerful than he had been during the previous ten days. He

went  to bed between 8-30 and 9 o'clock on Thursday night and there was

nothing unusual till 5-45 on Friday morning when witness heard a sound as

someone  having fallen.            On going to the bedroom he found his

father on the floor bleeding from a wound on the left side of his throat.

The knife produced (a gardeners)

was near him. Witness asked why he had done the act and he replied " My head

was so bad I could not bide it any longer," Dr Knight was sent for at once.

Deceased lived til 10am on Saturday. The deceased met with a bad accident in

the teens of years ago at Threlkeld. He fell from a ladder while


and injured his head. During hot weather especially he always complained of

pain , but he had never threatened to do anything of this kind. The jury

returned a verdict of "suicide while temporarily insane," They gave their

fees to the Mary Hewetson Hospital .