BROUGHAM, At 36 Chesham Place, London, on the 26th inst, the wife of Henry,
Lord BROUGHAM & Vaux, of a son.

HARDING. At Chapel Lane, Appleby, on the 20th inst, the wife of Mr. Harding,
of a daughter.



RICHARDSON-DIXON. At the Parish Church, Lazonby, on the 18th inst, by the
Rev. Canon RAMSOME, Nathan Monkhouse, the youngest son of the late Nathan

RICHARDSON, Bampton Grange, Westmorland, to Elizabeth Jane, (Lizzie), only
child of the late George DIXON, Low plains, Cumberland.

BLADES-HANDLEY. At the Parish Church of St.James, Tebay, on the 25th inst,
by the Rev.E. OERTON, vicar, John BLADES, of Gardale, Sedbergh, to Margaret
Ann HANDLEY, of Gaisgill, Tebay.


BORROWDALE. In Watson's Terrace, Penrith, on the 19th inst, Walter, son of
Wm. BORROWDALE, aged 8 months.

CODLING. At Red Hills Junction, Dacre, on the 20th inst, Elizabeth Eleanor,
aged 15 months; and at the same place on the 22nd inst, Sarah Jane, aged
years, daughters of John Siddle CODLING, railway signalman.

FOSTER. At Morland, on the 20th inst, Ann FOSTER, aged 85 years.

FLEMING. At Dacre, very suddenly, on the 21st inst, Elizabeth, relict of
late Joseph FLEMING, aged 79 years.

JACKSON. At Greenside, Ravenstonedale, on the 5th inst, Margaret, relict of
the late John JACKSON, aged 71 years.

LOWIS. At Milburn, on the 20th inst, the wife of Thomas LOWIS, aged 60

MUIR. In Poplar Place, Penrith, on the 21st inst, Janet, daughter of Anthony
MUIR, aged 10 years.

SEWELL, At the Bank, Manchester, on the 16th, Joseph SEWELL, formally of
Appleby, aged 63 years.

SMITH. At Garth House, Pooley Bridge, on the 18th inst. Isabella Margaret,
the beloved daughter of John and Mary SMITH, aged 25 years.

SMITH. In Scotland Road, Penrith, on the 22nd inst, Sarah, the wife of Jos.
SMITH, quarryman, aged 58 years.

WILSON. At Langwathby, on the 23rd inst, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of
John and Margaret WILSON, aged 27 years.

WRIGHT. At Birkenhead, on the 19th inst, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of
James WRIGHT, and eldest daughter of the late John BIRD, Superintendent
Police at Carlisle and Appleby, and sister of the late Supt. Isaac BIRD,

SIMPSON. At Duke Street, Penrith, on the 17th inst, Mary, relict of the late
Isaac SIMPSON, aged 54 years.

TEASDALE. At Glassonby, on the 18th inst, Mary, daughter of John and Esther
TEASDALE, aged 3 years and 3 months.

MOFFAT. At Stainton, on the 23rd inst, James MOFFAT, age 76 years.

ROBINSON. At Sceugh Head, Hesket-in-the-Forest, on the 17th inst, William,
younger son of Wm. ROBINSON, aged 26 years.

HINDSON. At Dufton, on the 25th inst, after a short illness, William, eldest
son of William HINDSON, joiner, aged 44 years. Much respected.

GIBSON. At Croft House, Warcop, on the 9th inst, Jane GIBSON, aged 77 years.

THWAYTES. At Cauld Keld, Appleby, on the 26th inst, Hannah, infant child of
Robert THWAYTES, aged 8 months.

FAIRER. At Burrels Appleby, on the 27th inst, Eleanor, infant child of Wm.
FAIRER, aged 9 months.

FARRAR. At the Howtown Hotel, Martindale, on the 26th inst, Adam FARRAR,
aged 73 years.