On Saturday last, the MESSRS. BUCK, agents for the sale of MESSRS. GOULDINGS' celebrated manures, held their annual receipt at the Black Bull Inn, Appleby;  after which a dinner was given to their patrons, and between sixty and seventy farmers of the immediate neighbourhood partook of the repast, which was catered with great profusion by MRS. HODGSON the hostess.
MR. LANCASTER, of Skygarth, was called to the chair and in proposing the health of MR. BUCK, said that he had tried the manures upon various soils for some three or four years, and according to this experience they fully realised his expectations.
He had tried the 'special' on grass, corn, and turnips to his entire saitsfaction.  He had reared some excellent crops with their other class of manure - less exensive - but could not say that he had not used farm-yard manure along with it, or might have become a competitor for the valuable prizes offered;  and he would advise anyone competing to be careful not to mix it with any other manure, which would disqualify them from obtaining a prize.
He had tried artificial manures from seven or eight different firms, and had always found it on an average with the best, and likely to stand the test side with any other in the market.
He gave the health of MR. BUCK, and trusted they would stand the test of the future as they had done in the past ( Cheers ).
MR. BUCK said, he was glad to meet so large a company on an occasion like this, and still more so to hear they were satisfied.
The CHAIRMAN called upon MR. SAYER, the winner of the plate, who remarked that he had given the manure a very short trial, - this being the first year of his experience.  However, it had turned out well.  He had a splendid crop, and ready to thin and hoe before any of his neighbours, and he was highly satisfied with the result.
MR. ROBT. ATKINSON in responding to his health, said he had tried it side by side with others of equal value for several years, and he never had any to beat it.  He used it at the rate of 8 cwt. per acre, and there was no dispute that he had always an excellent crop.
For the last two years he had been the winner of the third prize, but he thought there was not much honour in gaining it on the present occasion, as there was no other competitor ( Laughter ).
The CHAIRMAN proposed the health of MR. THOS. HORN, the winner of the first prize last year.  MR. HORN remarked that he could assure them that the field in which he was so successful last year had not had a cartload of much for 10 years.  If he had competed he flattered himself he was in a favourable position for being placed first again.  ( Cheers and laughter ).
The CHAIRMAN proposed the health of the Inspectors, to which MR. IRVING responded, and gave a detailed account of their inspections.  Several other complimentary toasts were proposed, and the company separated.