THE ELECTION OF O'DONOVAN ROSSA.   --   At the declaration of the poll for Tipperary county, on Saturday, the sheriff's announcement of the return of O'DONOVAN ROSSA was followed by a display of great enthusiasm.  Neither MR. HERON nor any of his supporters attended.
MR. PETER GILL returned thanks for ROSSA, and said the election was intended to show MR. GLADSTONE the indignation of Tipperary at his refusal to release the Fenian prisoners.  He continued - "Liberate our brothers; send ROSSA back with the olive branch, and we will throw back again the seat for Tipperary.  If not, we will go from county to county - we will put in LUBY and MULCALY - until we have materials for a real Irish Parliament>"
"Tipperary", he said, "wanted reform, not revolution;  but if progress did not emenate from reform, revolution would ensue."
Celebrations fo the election continue in several towns, in Limerick and Clare, and houses of persons inimical to the "national" party have been wrecked.