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A few days ago, as some workmen were busily making excavations in a sandpit, close to Wragmire House, Cotehill, they accidently fell in with a human skeleton, almost in a perfect state of preservation.
How it had come there, or how long it had lain, no one could tell, but from the solid appearance of the ground in which it was embedded, it is certain that it must have been buried for a very long period.
On exposure to the air, however, it soon crumbled to pieces.
Not from from the place, a large earthen jar, covered with a flat stone, and containing human remains, was discovered in a similar manner a few years ago, when, unfortunately, however, one of the workmen, who was of course ignoront of its contents, split it with his "pick", but the appearances warranted the assumption that the body had been doubled and forcibly thrust into the jar........."Penrith Advertiser".