This year Easter Day falls on March 30th.
It has not fallen earlier since 1894,  when
March 25th was Easter Day.  A period of
68 years has elapsed since Easter previously
fell on March 30, and it will not fall upon the
same date again until 1975.  Easter, I may
remind my readers, falls between March 22
and April 25.  Only four times in four hundred
years--namely, in  1573,  1668,  1761, and
1818--has it fallen on the earliest possible date,
and only four times in the same period--1564,
1641,1736, and 1886--has it fallen on the latest
possible date.  Since 1500, Easter has fallen more
frequently upon April 16 than upon any other
date; but March 31 and April 5 are close rivals.
While April 16 claims eighteen Easters, the other
two dates I have mentioned claim seventeen apiece.
Only thrice since 1500 has Easter fallen upon April
23, St. George's Day--namely, 1508, 1671, and 1848.
During the twentieth century, Easter will never fall
upon March 22, the earliest possible date, only once
(in 1943) on the latest possible date, and never on
April 24.
                       Moveable Feasts
    As Easter falls early this year, so all the moveable
feasts which depend upon it will fall correspondingly
early.  Shrove Tuesday falls on February 11;  Ash
Wednesday, on February 12;  the first Sunday in
Lent, on February 16;  Palm Sunday on March 23;
Good Friday, on March 28;  Easter Monday, on
March 31;  Easter Tuesday, on April 2;  Ascension
Day, on May 8;  and Whit Sunday, on May 18.