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                   Cleator Moor
                FRIDAY, JANUARY 24.
Before T. DIXON (in the chair), J. J. WILSON,
    Daniel COWAN, 23, labourer, Whitehaven,
was charged with using obscene language at
Cleator Moor, at 10:40 p.m., on the 4th inst.
    Defendant's sister said he was at work and
wanted the case adjourned.
    The Bench agreed to adjourn the case to
this day fortnight.
    Joseph FLETCHER, 20, quarryman, Arlecdon,
was charged with willful damage to a window at
Arlecdon, on the 24th inst.,
    Mr. ATTER prosecuted.
    William IRVING said he lived at Arlecdon Road,
Arlecdon.  On Christmas eve witness and his wife
were sitting in the parlour and when they were
making ready to go to bed a large snowball came
through the window and knocked the blind down.
Shortly afterwards another snowball came through
another pane of glass and knocked a paraffin lamp
out, which was on the table.  The lamp was just
turned down when the snowballs came through
the windows.  On the 8th inst., defendant went to
witness's house and said that it was he that did it,
but he only admitted throwing one.  Witness then
asked defendant who threw the other, and he said
he did not know who threw it. On the 10th inst.,
witness again saw defendant, and defendant asked
him to settle it.  Witness told defendant that as he
(defendant) had told so many lies about it he would
take it through the court.  The damage done was 6s
and to put the windows in it would cost 8s, but he
would say nothing about the lamp.  He told the mag-
istrates that he wanted to press the case.
    Defendant said it was just an accident.
    Complainant, who was recalled, said that there
was no disturbance outside his house.  When the
snowballs came through the window he ran out, but
he could see no one: he only heard some voices. If
the lamp had been turned full up it would have set
fire.  He afterwards gave information to the police.
    P.O. VEITCH said he saw defendant running up
KEY'S field, and charged him with breaking the
windows.  Defendant said he was in bed by eleven
o'clock, and if he broke the windows he would pay
for it.
    The Chairman said it was a very serious matter,
and the Bench fined defendant 40s, or one month's