THURSDAY, JANUARY 23.
W. M'GOWAN, and W. BURNYEAT, Esqs.
    On the application of Mr. DICKINSON the
transfer of a licence for the sale of wine and
beer off the premises from William DUFF,
grocer, Holmrook to his brother, James, was
                NO APPEARANCE.
    Robert ROSS, 34, labourer, Whitehaven,
was charged with using obscene language
in the street at Whitehaven, on the 15th inst.
    Defendant did not appear, and a warrant
for his apprehension was issued.
    John BIRKETT, 30, innkeeper, Whitehaven,
was charged with supplying a glass of whiskey
to Robert TREMBLE, a constable on duty, at
Whitehaven, on the 11th inst.
    Mr. BRAITHWAITE (from the office of Mr.
ATTER) said Mr. ATTER had been engaged for
the defence, but he was unable to be present
to-day and he asked the Bench to adjourn
the case for a week.
    The Bench granted the application.
              INDECENT LANGUAGE.
    Lawrence HENSHAW, 21, no occupation,
Crofthead, Gosforth, was charged with using
indecent language on the highway at
Gosforth, on the 14 inst.
    P.C. 99 proved the offence, which was
admitted by the defendant, who was fined
                CHIMNEY FIRING.
    Elizabeth GLAISTER, widow, Whitehaven,
was charged with allowing the chimney of
her house to be on fire at 5:45 a.m. on
December 7th.
    Mr. J. HOPE BROWN prosectured on be-
half of the Town Council.
    PC. CHEESEMAN proved the offence.  When
defendant was first asked if her chimney was
on fire she denied it, but witness, after
making further inquiry, had his susicions
confirmed on going into defendant's house.
    The defendant denied the offence and
observed that the constable put his head up
the chimney and could not see any fire.
    The Bench ordered defendant to pay the
costs, 6s 6d.
            LODGING IN A BARN.
    Robert ROBINSON, 40, joiner,  Rheda
Terrace, was charged with lodging in a barn
at Hope Pit, Cleator Moor) said about three
o'clock yesterday morning he found the
prisoner sleeping in a Dutch barn at Hope
Cottages, Cleator Moor.  He took prisoner
into custody and found in his possession
ten-pence halfpenny, a quantity of tobacco,
matches, and pipes.  Prisoner could not give
any explanation of his presence there.
    The prisoner said he told the constable
that he turned in there because the night was
wild and wet, and having a sore leg he could
not walk to Whitehaven.  He was a joiner
and belonged to Keekle.
    The constable said the prisoner was doing
nothing but "loaf" about public-houses and
had been hanging about for a fortnight.
    Prisoner denied this and said he had been
working till late on the night of the 21st and
had work to return to.
    Supt. KELLY said the prisoner seemed to be
leading a vagrant life.
    The Chairman said the prisoner could go if
he paid the costs.  If he was found again in
such a place he would very likely have to go
to gaol.
    Daniel M'MULLEN, 30, labourer, Harrington,
was charged with an assault on P.C. IRVING
while in the execution of his duty at Harring-
ton on the 14th inst.  Defendant was also
charged with willfully damaging a door at
Harrington on the same date.
    The defendant did not appear and on the
application of Supt. KELLY it was agreed to
issue a warrant against the defendant on the
first charge.
    Mr. BRAITHWAITE prosecuted in the charge
of willful damage.
    Edward M'MULLEN, 10 Henry Street, Har-
rington, said the defendant was his brother.
On the 14th inst. he kicked the panel of
witness's door in.  Defendant did not get
into the house as he had the door barred.
When the broke the panel witness withdrew
the bar and pulled defendant out of the pass-
age on to the street.  It was then the assault
on the constable took place.  He had had the
door temporarily repaired at a cost of 2s 9d
but it would be necessary to have a new
door, which would cost 10s.  Defendant was
drunk at the time.  He had considerable
trouble with the defendant who, when h
was drunk, annoyed witness and his sister.
    The Bench fined defendant 30s, with the
alternative of a month with hard labour.