This match in the Championship competion
for the Northern Counties was played on the
ground of the Carlisle Grammar School, off the
Waterworks Lane, on Saturday.  The match was
the last of the series for Yorkshire, who have
been beaten by Cheshire, Northumberland, and
Durham, but succeeded in the match against
Lancashire.  Cumberland had played three
matches, and had sustained defeat by Chesire,
Lancashire, and Durham, so that they began
the match at the bottom of the group.  After
the present match the Cumbrians have to meet
Northumberland.  There were numerous
changes on both sides.  In the Cumberland
team PARKER, Catford Bridge, and F.R.
BURNETT, Oxford took the places of DALZELL
and WATSON in the threequarter line, and
HODGSON, Keswick, the place of TILBURY,
of the same town in the pack.
    There was only a small attendance for county
match.  The weather was fine but cold.  Cum-
berland won the toss, and Yorkshire kicked off
against the wind, invading the Cumberland
half, but the Cumbrians soon repelled the attack,
and play followed for some time in neutral ground,
neither side being able to make any headway.
A rush by the Cumberland forwards improved the
position of the home side, but their advance was
checked by RICHARDSON and DAVIES, and
play reverted to the centre.  A nice bout of
passing took place amongst the Cumberland
threequarters from left to right, buy SHEARMAN
on the right failed to take the ball and the effort
came to nothing.  Cumberland gradually gained
ground, but a kick by DAVIES and a run by
STANSFIELD enabled Yorkshire to get in the
home county's twenty-five. The Yorkshire
forwards worked the ball dangerously near the
line,  but DAVIDSON got in a dribble which
relieved the immediate pressure.
 Subsequently from a scrimmage STANSFIELD passed
out to COLLINSON, who transferred to DAVIES, who
was in a favourable position, but he was tackled
before he could get in his kick, and the Cumberland
forwards took the ball at their feet to the centre.
Cumberland were awarded a free kick, and the
ball was placed for DAVIDSON, who made an in-
different shot at goal.  After the dropout the York-
shire forwards rushed the ball down the field, and
a scrimmage ensued on the Cumberland line, a
minor resulting.  After the drop-out Yorkshire
attacked hotly, and from a scrimmage STANSFIELD
passed to COLLINSON, who transferred to DAVIES,
and that player scored a smart try behind the posts.
YEADON kicked a goal.  The kick-off enabled Cum-
berland to invade, but Yorkshire were awarded a
free kick and took play to their opponents' half,
where ELLIOTT  got possession and ran, but parted
with the ball instead of going on, and thus spoiled
the effort.  Yorkshire afterwards had a free kick and
the centre became the venue of play until PARKER   
got in a kick which sent the ball to the Yorkshire
line, where the full-back kicked it into touch.  Half-
time was then called, Yorkshire leading by a goal
to nothing.  Score at half-time:--Yorkshire, 1 goal;
Cumberland, nil.
    After crossing over YEADON  had two shots at
goal after marks, but neither was successful.
Following play at the centre, ELLIOTT and BANKS
dribbled to the Yorkshire twenty-five, where DAVIES
intercepted them, and the ball was rushed to the
centre and thence to the Cumberland line.  A free
kick gave relief to the home county and the ball
was scrimmaged at the centre.  Yorkshire continued
aggressive, and Cumberland had again to defend,
but after passing between PLATT and DAVIES the
ball got into the open and a scrimmage took place
at mid-field.  Yorkshire had a free kick, but no
ground was gained.  Cumberland now played up
with more dash, and after exciting play in the open
the ball was scrimmaged well in the Yorkshire
After some tight work in the corner ELLIOTT got
in, but over-ran the ball.  Immediately afterwards
HOLYWELL took a free kick, and when one of the
Yorkshiremen was about to reply ELLIOTT charged
the ball down and scored behind the posts.  HOLY-
WELL kicked a goal amid great enthusiasm.  Both
sides were now even.  After the kick-off the game
was contested in neutral ground, until at length
Cumberland rushed the ball to the Yorkshire line.
The visitors speedily repelled the attack and play
reverted once more to mid-field.  Cumberland
took the ball along the touch-line to the York-
shire twenty-five, and the visitors being penal-
ised the ball was placed for HOLYWELL, who
made a good though unsuccessful shot at goal.
After the drop out the ball was taken to the
Cumberland quarters and a minor resulted.
No side was afterwards called and the match
ended in a draw.  Final:--Cumberland,  1 goal;
Yorkshire,  1 goal.
    The following were the teams:--
    Cumberland,--Rev. C.R. BURNETT (Tudhoe),
back; B.R. BURNETT (Oxford),  R.A. HOLYWELL
(London), PARKER (Catford Bridge), and J.
SHEARMAN (Keswick), threequarter-backs;
T.R. BURNETT (Dewsbury) and T. DOCKER
(Aspatria), half-backs; D. GRAHAM and J.
HODGSON (Keswick), Joseph DAVIDSON
(Aspatria), H. BANKS (London),  Sergt. Major
ELLIOT (2nd Life Guards), J. M'MENEMY
(Penrith), J. DOBBS (Carlisle), and J. LYALL
 (Aspatria College), forwards.
    Yorkshire.--G.S. RICHARDSON (Yorkshire
College), back; S. PLATTS (Headingley), J.G.
DAVIES (Yorkshire College), E.W. COLLINSON
(Mytholmroyd), and N.S. HORSFIELD ( Old
Dewsburians), threequarter-backs; J.F. STANS-
FIELD (Morley Parish Church) and J. MUTRIE
(Harrogate), half-backs; E.G. HABLO ( Bradford
Wanderers), H.H. DADSON (Hull and East Riding),
W. WHITEHEAD (Old Dewsburians), J. GREEN
(Skipton), H. HARTLEY (Castleford), A. ROSS
(Skipton),  A.E.N. YEADON (Headingley), and H.
LIMBERT (Castleford), forwards.