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Reports of matches must reach us not later
    than Tuesday morning to ensure publica-
    tion, and teams for following Saturday not
    later than six o'clock on Wednesday.
    SHEETS, &c., PRINTED at this OFFICE.
    Excellence, Despatch, and Cheapness guar-

                  NORTHERN UNION.
Workinton  v.  Aspatria (N.W.L.), at Work-
Penrith  v.  Carnforth, at Penrith.
                Cumberland Shield Ties.
Brigrigg  v.  Hensingham, at Bigrigg.
Wath Brow  v.  Whitehaven, at Wath Brow.
Broughton Moor  v.  Parton, at Broughton
Fothergill  v.  Highmoor Rovers, at Fothergill.
Maryport  v.  Aspatria, at Maryport.
Brookland Rovers  v.  Flimby,  at  Ellen-
Seaton  v.  Workington, at Seaton.
Cockermouth  v.  Derwent Rangers, at Cocker-
Cleator  v.  Egremont, at Cleator.
                    RUGBY UNION
Carlisle  v.  Northern, at Warwick Road.
Tynedale  v.  Carlisle Reserves, at Hexham.
Wigan  v.  Workinton  (L.L.), at Wigan.
Keswick  v.  Wigton Harriers  (C.L.), at
            Cumberland Cup--First Round.
Shaddongate United  v.  Black Diamonds, at
    Willow Holme.
Cockermouth Crusaders  v.  Frizington White
    Star, at Sandair.
Moss Bay Exchange  v.  Arlecdon Red Rose,
    at Westfield.
Workington  v.  Frizinton United, at Ash-
                CUMBERLAND LEAGUE.
                    SEATON  v.  PARTON.
    At Seaton, on Saturday. Parton kicked off with
the wind in their favour and Seaton pressed.  After
ten minutes play COULTHARD secured a try for
Seaton.  Shorly after SANDWITH kicked a goal,
and at half-time Seaton led by five points to nil.
On resuming Seaton continued to press, and
shortly before the finish Jack FLETCHER scored
a try which SANDWITH converted.  Result:-----
Seaton, 10 points; Parton, nil.

             MARYPORT  v.  WHITEHAVEN
    At Maryport on Saturday in cold weather and
before a small gate.  Maryport started with 14
men, but SMITH came on later.  Whitehaven
started against the wind, and for a time play was
even.  The Recreation at length invaded, but
were soon driven back.  MILBURN when carried
play to Maryport were penalised in a dangerous
position.  FITZSIMMONS failed at the kick.  The
Recreation came away with a rush to the Mary-
port line, where MARLAND saved.  The Rec-
reation being penalised, TIMONEY made a poor
attempt.  Half-time arrived with no score.  After
the change of ends Maryport dribbled up, but
by too hard kicking lost the advantage and FITZ-
SIMMONS saved after a hard race.  The Rec-
reation reversed matters and Maryport were
put on the defensive.  Play remained then in
neutral ground.  HETHERINGTON made a good
but unsuccessful drop at goal, and ATKINSON
taking a pass from TIMONEY nearly got over.
Result:---Maryport, nil;  Whitehaven Recreation,

           WORKINGTON  v. WATH BROW.
    At Lonsdale Park, on Saturday, before a fair
"gate."  The Visitors had the advantage of a strong
wind in the first half and monopolised the play
throughout.  Aggressive back play afforded many
fine opportunities and RUMNEY and Dan WILSON
ran in tries, both of which GOULDIE converted.
In the second half Workington had all the best of
the game, but the Hoppers defended stubbornly
and their line could not be crossed.  Result:---
Wath Brow, 2 goals  2 tries;  Workington, nil.

                RADCLIFFE  v.  MILLOM.
    At Radcliffe, on Saturday.  The home team
attacked, but the visitors soon had the advan-
tage and crossed Radcliffe's line.  HACKING
appeared to have been obstructed, but the
referee allowed the try, ROWE failing at goal.
Radcliffe were soon attacking again, but
Millom were more fortunate in their attempts
to score.  While Radcliffe claimed for a throw
forward AUSTIN walked between the posts. A
try was allowed, and ROWE converted.  Half-
time:--Millom, 8 points;  Radcliffe, nothing.
HACKING kicked at goal, and was only a yard
short.  SMITH also just miss dropping a
goal.  At length Radcliffe were awarded a
penalty and SMITH kicked a goal.  Play
remained near the Millom line, and SMITH
made another good attempt at goal.  Result:
--Millom, 8 points;  Radcliffe, 2 points.