At Cockermouth, on Saturday.  There
was some exciting play in the first half, in
which the homesters had the best of matters,
but the visitors' defence was good.  Just
before the interval WORDSWORTH finished
a splendid run by scoring a try for Cocker-
mouth.  Nicholson's kick at goal failed. Play
was slower in the second half, which was
little more than a succession of scrimmages.
Nothing further was scored.  Result:---
Cockermouth, 1 try;  Maryport 2nds, nil.


    At Flimby.  Result:--Flimby, 1 goal
2 tries;  Highmoor Rovers, nothing.
        PARTON 2nds  v.  BRIGRIGG
    Played at Parton, on Saturday.  Mr. J.
HOSKIN, of Flimby, was referee.  The
visitors kicked off against a strong wind,
and were soon engaged in a smart passing
bout, which finally landed the ball in touch.
The home team attacked vigorously, and
made a mark in front of the posts.  A shot
at goal by Brew was carried by the wind.
The visitors' line was again threatened, but
a lucky penalty eased matters.  Another bout
of passing by LAMB, GLOVER, and DAWSON 
ended in touch.  GLOVER was well tackled
by  CORLETT, and the Paronians again in-
vaded. A mark reversed matters, and FALL-
OWFIELD replied with a good kick.  BREW
had a free but unsuccessful shot at goal. 
GLOVER made an excellent sprint, but
was tackled in splendid style by J. FISHER.
On crossing over, the visitors showed some
spirited play, and took the ball well from
the scrimmage, but were unable to pierce
the home defense despite some excellent
passing close to the line. CORLETT and
ATKINSON were conspicuous by their
clever tackling, and FALLOWFIELD and
LUCAS  did good services at the scrim-
mages.  A very keen contest resulted:--
Parton 2nds, nil; Bigrigg, nil.
    At Broughton Moor, on Saturday after-
noon. Result:--Broughton Moor, 3 tries (9
points); Seaton 2nds, nil.  Referee, Mr. J.
ROPER, Maryport.

    This friendly match was played at Hen-
singham on Saturday, on a snow-covered
and sodden ground, before a meagre attend-
ance.  The home team started with only ten
men and placed the Recs. on the defence. 
A free kick gave relief, but Hensingham came
again, and Benn had hard lines.  WARWICK,
with a good kick, put the Recs. well up the
field, and immediately afterwards the same
player got a goal from a free kick.  After the
interval the villagers were soon busy defending,
MILBURN relieving with a timely kick.  The
Recs. were now having the best of matters, and
after some scrambling play they got a try,
which WARWICK converted.  R. EILBECK put
in a good kick, and following up tackled
RICHARDSON before he could return.  Hen-
singham were now pressing the Recs. in their
twenty-five, but were unable to break through
the defence.  Result:--Recreation, 2 goals 1 try
(7 points);  Hensingham, nil.  Referee,  Mr. G.
CINNAMON, Whitehaven.
    With the object of creating a greater
interest in Rugby football the country
executive have enlisted the services and
sympathies of day school teachers, and
the outcome of a meeting held at Work-
ington on December last is the circular
just issued by Mr. RICH of Millom, the
county secretary and a schoolmaster.  It
contains regulations regarding a comp-
etition on the "knockout" principle in dis-
tricts arranged as follows:--No. 1.  Millom
and neighbourhood.  No. 2.  Whitehaven,
Cleator Moor, and neighbourhood.  No. 3.
Workington, Cockermouth, Harrington,
and neighbourhood.  No. 4. Maryport, As-
patria, Flimby, and neighbourhood.  After
the entries are made the clubs in each dis-
trict will be drawn together and then the
respective champions will meet for the final
matches.  Group winners, runners up and
final winners will be provided with medals,
travelling expenses, a football for each school,
jerseys loaned for the matches, entrance fee,
nil. Where possible arrangements will be made
for the free use of grounds, while the Teachers'
Charitable Organization will participate in the
profits.  Similar competitions in other counties
have proves very successful.