The following unsolicited letter has been
received by the Proprietors of the New
Mazawattee Cocoa:--
                                ANNAN, DUMFRIES,
                                        January 14th, 1902
                    MAZAWATTEE COCOA.
    "Some time ago you kindly sent me a sample
of your Cocoa, which I faithfully tried.  As I rel-
ished it very much I continued to obtain it from
your local agent here, Mr. Thomas NELSON, Pro-
vision Merchant.  I find it not only a pleasant bev-
erage at all times, whether suffering from heat or
cold, hunger or thirst, or fatigue.  It enlivens the
spirits and stimulates the mental faculties without
the subsequent depression and confusion of ideas
which are the invariable accompaniment of stronger
drinks, but it has a higher and farther reaching
quality than either of the foregoing, and this is my
object in giving you this spontaneous recommendation.
It possesses in a remarkable degree, not merely the
power of allaying thirst, but also of assuaging or
quenching the desire or craving for spirituous liquors.
Without experimenting on myself for any such
purpose, I became quite unconsciously indifferent to
the use or need or spirits in any of their stronger
forms.  This experience has been corroborated by
patients and others whom I have questioned on the
matter.  Whether other cocoas possess a similar
influence I know not, but the Mazawattee Cocoa
does most emphatically, and is far ahead of tea
or coffee in this particular respect.  Such a ben-
eficial quality cannot be too extensively know, and
as I shall continue to use and recommend it, you
are quite at liberty to make what use you please of
this unsolicited testimonial."
                        (Signed)  D. MACKENZIE,
                                                M.B. and Surgeon.
COCOAS.--If treated with alkali and chemicals,
such cocoas will have a medical scent when
the tin is opened, and it will be a darker
colour when in liquor.  CADBURY'S COCOA
has no addition of any kind, and is guaran-
teed absolutely pure.