Some years ago, in the time of the late Vicar of St. Nicholas’, it was proposed that St. Nicholas Churchyard should be open to the public in the daytime, and that something should be done by or on behalf of the Corporation to keep it clean and more presentable than it is just now.
 The subject was mentioned again yesterday on an application by the present Vicar for leave to erect the borough coat-of-arms on the church. Leave was given forthwith; and it is not unlikely that if the vicar is met with the necessary pecuniary assistance something may be done by way of keeping the churchyard open for public meditation among the tombs.
 The late Vicar wanted the Corporation to be responsible for any damage to windows, &c. The Corporation refused to believe that there was any risk from such damage, but declined to take the liability. We are not sure that the late Vicar was lacking in regard to that matter.