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 Many of the old neighbours and friends of Mr. SALMON will regret to learn of his death, which took place on Friday at his daughter’s house at Ashington, Northumberland. Being of a quiet, unassuming disposition, Mr. SALMON made a list of friends, and was much respected by those whom he came in contact.
 He came to Bullgill Colliery over thirty years ago as foreman coke burner, a position which he retained with credit, until he was compelled to retire on account of advancing years. Three years ago he went to Northumberland, where several members of his family live. Over twelve months ago he had the misfortune to damage his toe. Mortification set in, and he had his right leg amputated at the Royal Infirmary, Newcastle. Notwithstanding his age he made a wonderful recovery, but after being able to walk about by the aid of crutches for a few weeks the shock to his system proved too great and he died as above stated.
 He leaves a family of two sons and two daughters. His funeral took place at Choppington, and a large number of Cumbrians, residing in the Ashington district attended. Those present were: -
Mr. Mrs. And Miss. LAWSON, formerly of Grasslot.
Mr. And Mrs. J. MUMBERSON, Crosby Villa
Mr. And Mrs. J. GRAHAM, Crosby Villa
Mr. And Mrs. M. BLAYLOCK, Flimby
Mr. And Mrs. John RITSON, Hayton
Mr. And Mrs. John TROUGHEAR, Crosby Villa
Mr. And Mrs. T. ALLISON, Prospect
Mr. And Mrs. MOUNSEY, Prospect
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. SHARPE, Greengill
Miss. M. E. COULTSON, Allerby
Mr. EWART, Aspatria
Mrs. Wm. SIMPSON, Crosby
Mrs. D. LITTLE, Dearham
Mr. James CHAMBERS, Bullgill
Mr. John WATSON, Gilcrux
Mr. Wm. ARMSTRONG, Crosby Villa
Mrs. Jos. M. SMITH, Crosby Villa