A wide circle of friends and acquaintances in Whitehaven and neighbourhood will share the very great regret with which we learn of the decease on Thursday of Mrs. PATTINSON, at her residence at Ravenstone, near Keswick.
 Mrs. PATTINSON had not been in robust health for some time past, but her indisposition did not take a serious turn until the last few days before she peacefully passed from life.
 The deceased lady was of course, well known in Whitehaven, being the widow of the late Mr. John PATTINSON, the founder of the firm of John PATTINSON and Son, millers, now of the beacon Flour Mills.
 Mr. PATTINSON was an alderman of Whitehaven and the second Mayor, succeeding Lord LONSDALE in that office. Publicly and privately he was ably seconded by Mrs. PATTINSON, and shared his popularity.
 For many years they resided at St. Bees and then at Greenbank, where they were during Mr. PATTINSON’s Mayoralty. On the death of Alderman PATTINSON, Mrs. PATTINSON took up her residence at Ravenstone. She was 73 years of age, and leaves four daughters and three sons.