On Saturday night, Agnes SATTERTHWAITE (63), after crossing the harbour bridge onto the south side, fell from the quay into the harbour.
 She was rescued by a man named T. MADDEN, who descended and put a rope round her, by which she was hauled back to safety. She was subsequently taken to the house of a relative on Timber Hill.

 The Venerable Archdeacon SHERWEN and his two daughters have gone to Moffat to spend their summer vacation.
 Mostly all of the farmers have finished their hay housing this year, the continued spell of fine weather having also seen many pasture fields mown down.
 The tulips are beginning to take harm for the want of rain, and the pastures are getting dried out. Besides there is a scarcity of water in the fields for the cattle.
 The B. P. Boy Scouts from Windermere are camping in a field at Fell Foot by the kind permission of Mr. Oswald W. E. HEDLEY, of Calgarth Park, Windermere.
 The boys are accompanied by Mr. J. M. SLADEN, scoutmaster, the Rev. F. W. DWELLY, chaplain, and Mr. F. H. WALKER. The boys were conveyed down the lake in the troop motorboat, “Beaver.”