A vigourous campaign is being waged in America against the housefly, and enormous numbers of the winged pests are being destroyed daily.
 The Board of Health have circulated instructions telling the public how to “swat the fly,” and public opinion is being aroused everywhere with the object of stimulating the work of extermination.
 Educational work amongst children is being conducted and in many schools cinematograph pictures are being shown of the fly’s wanderings from the garbage heap where typhoid lurks to the family’s roast joint on which he is shown wiping his feet realistically.
 Greater interest in this country also is being taken in matters affecting public health, and people are beginning to realise the disease breeding character of the domestic housefly. At this season of the year most households are more or less infested with them, and it cannot be too generally known that the housefly is a most significant factor in the dissemination of infantile diarrhoea and other infectious diseases.
 Jeyes’ fluid is a splendid specific against the deadly housefly. If a solution of Jeye’s Fluid is freely sprayed in dark corners, crevices, &c where flies breed with larvae are destroyed before they can develop into flies. All manure heaps, &c., should be disinfected with Jeye’s Fluid. All sinks, drains, lavatories, &c., should be cleansed daily with Jeyes Fluid.