As usual St. James Hall is topping the list and deservedly so, as the turns this week are more than without a doubt, the popular pleasure resort.
 The top of the bill, LEON and TEE, are top liners and reap a well earned reward, as the applause for their efforts is deafening. They have to come back time after time.
 The Tymes in their song and scena, “The Enchanted Clock,” are a great success, their singing and acting being of the highest order. This turn is giving an extra encore each evening.
 “Fred FOSS” boy comedian and dancer is taking just as well as his previous visit. There is a great future for this already starred boy. The pictures are as usual excellent.
 For next week we have heard that they have secured two of the greatest films the world has produced, and these we understand can be seen at the St. James Hall only. For next week’s turns see advt.