A gospel tent mission, which is to continue for several weeks, was opened in the Old Mill Yard near the Whitehaven Cricket Field, on Saturday evening.
 The missioners included: Frank PENFOLD, R. BLACK, who conducted a mission recently at Hogarth Church, and on Saturday there was a there was a welcome meeting presided over by the Rev. J. H. CARTWRIGHT (Superintendent minister of the Whitehaven Wesleyan Circuit), who was supported by Messrs:
H. GROSE, Hogarth Mission
C. W. SENIOR. Kirk Mission
T. PATTERSON, Sailor’s Rest and others.
 On Sunday there were three services - morning, afternoon and evening - and at the first named there was a very large gathering representative of the churches, chapels and missions of the town.
 A choir drawn from various places of worship, was in attendance as well as three cornet players from the Hogarth Mission Band, Messrs. T. BIRKETT, J. W. ATKINSON and J. R. ROBERTSON . In addition to these instrumentalists there was a piano and organ accompaniment to the singing which was of very bright and hearty description. Solos were also sung by “Little Susie” (Lockgalley) and others who are assisting in the mission and addresses were given by the evangelists and Mrs. GILBERTSON, of Wallsend-on-Tyne, the latter speaking at the afternoon service.
 The services have so far been largely attended, and it is hoped that much good may result from the mission, the preliminary arrangements for which were made by Mr. J. W. BORROWDALE, hon. Secretary, and Mr. H. GROSE, the Hogarth Missioner.
 The huge tent accommodation for between two and three thousand people, and on Sunday evening much of it was taken up. The services indoors are preceded by outdoor gatherings. It is explained in the circular issued by the hon. Secretary that the work is quite unsectarian, and will be a united effort to reach the non-churchgoing people of the town.