Mr. Tom GELDING of Harrington has probably what is the first arrival in Cumberland from the Bordeaux race of the National Flying Club. This bird arrived at ten a.m. on the Sunday following the close of the race which concluded at two p.m. on the day before.
 Bordeaux is approximately 700 miles to Harrington. The bird is blue chequer, rung, R. P. L. 10, 6,213, and is one of the owner’s old strain, Farmer Langton and Delmotte. The dam was lost at Dux last season, and the Granshire was also lost at Mirande.
 Mr. GEDDING is to be congratulated on his bird’s performance. He has been competing in the long distance National races for two or three seasons now, but this is the first time he has competed from Bordeaux. The Bordeaux race was rather disastrous this year, and this makes the arrival of this bird all the more creditable.