Robert DIXON, (17), labourer, 14, Bardy Steps’ Thos. DEVLIN (16), labourer, Nicholson’s Lane, Jas. McSHERRY (20), no occupation, Nicholson’s Lane, and Jos. CONNOR (18), labourer, 2, Quay Street, all of Whitehaven, were charged with having bathed after 8 a.m. in the South Harbour, Whitehaven, without wearing sufficient dress to prevent exposure of the person at 3-40 p.m. on the 26th July.
 P. C. PRENTICE said the boys were driving off ladders near the Sugat Tongue. They had no costumes or bathing drawers. When charged DIXON said, “I shall tell them that they slipped off in the water.” CONNOR said the same. McSHERRY said, “If I get a month I can do it.” DEVLIN said, “I’ll tell the truth, I had none on.” There was a large number of women and children about at the time.
 Defendants all admitted the offence.
 The Chairman: We are going to treat you leniently. The weather is pretty hot we know. You know perfectly well you have no right to bathe without proper costumes on. If you come here again you will be fined. We are going to let you go to-day. Now be careful.
 Defendants: Thank you, sir.