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 On Friday last, before the school dispersed for the summer holidays, a pleasant little ceremony took place. Miss. TOMLINSON, one of the teachers who is leaving to be married, was the recipient of a nice little present at the hands of her pupils.
 Mr. Irving GRAHAM, one of the managers attended and addressed the children on the value of a good education. He alluded to the fact that A. NEWTON had been successful in obtaining a county minor scholarship and gave some sound and practical advice to the children.
 Mr. GRAHAM alluding to Miss. TOMLINSON’s departure from the school made reference to the splendid work done by the pupils of Victoria School and to the good work done by Miss. TOMLINSON.. He was sure he was voicing the sentiments of his co-managers in wishing her a long and happy life, and he also felt sure the scholars at Victoria School would greatly benefit from her association with them.  He called upon Katie DODDS and Winifred FLEMING to  present Miss. TOMLINSON with a small token of their regards.
 The two girls acquitted themselves admirably.
 The present, which consisted of a very chaste oak and silver biscuit barrel and was accompanied with an address signed by all the subscribers, and was as follows: -
 “We, your scholars in standard VII, ask you to accept this gift as a small token of respect and esteem in which you are held by us. As a teacher you have been most kind and helpful, and we pray that your future life may be happy.”
 Miss. TOMLINSON, in accepting, thanked the scholars for their kindness and drew a lesson from the poetry the class was learning this year. Her quotations were very happy and appropriate.”
 Mr. WHITE, the head teacher, added a few appropriate remarks, and in dispersing three cheers were given for Miss. TOMLINSON, Mr. GRAHAM and the teachers.