At the last annual dinner of the Whitehaven Traders Association, Ald. H. W. WALKER, discussing the possibilities for the development of trade at Whitehaven, noticed by way of alternative to a better train service to the south, the proposal to make a better road over Hardknott Pass, at the top of Eskdale, and so on to Ambleside. He pointed out that this was the ancient road for pack-horse traffic from Whitehaven, and thought that traffic by auto cars might be found practicable, if the scheme for improving the Pass road were carried out.
 We notice that Mr. ABRAHAM, of Keswick, has an article in one of the organs of the automobilists in which he relates how he successfully negotiated the Hardknott Pass with an auto car, and gives his opinion that it would not be difficult to make the road possible for ordinary auto traffic.
 Such a development might be a good thing for the whole district from Whitehaven to the head of Eskdale, as it would also be for the Ambleside District.