A series of open air meetings have been prompted by the Labour Party in Whitehaven this week, and so far have commanded good audiences.
 On Monday night the weather was unfavourable, so the meeting was held in the Labour Hall, Fox-lane, when Councillor J. THOMPSON presided, and the address was given by Councillor W. COWEN. On Tuesday evening, Councillor J. HANLON, C. C., was speaker, with Mr. D. PLEWS, the Whitehaven Labour Agent, presiding.
 Last night an address on social problems was delivered by Mr. T. Gavin DUFFY, of Moor Row, who kept his audience in good spirits with his humorous illustrations. He gave detailed accounts of the doings and receipts of the various industrial projects in the United Kingdom, in comparison with the earnings of the working class, who were not merely the men who blacked their faces, but every man who exerted strength and brain for the wage he was given. He was strongly in favour of nationalisation, and gave lengthy exposition of this subject.
 Councillor E. H. EVANS occupied the chair, and was also supported by Councillor J. HANLON, C. C., and Mr. D. PLEWS.