At the Workington Police Court, on Wednesday, William GRAHAM (48), labourer, Hayton Square, Workington, was charged with assaulting Theresa MURRAY, married woman, Workington on the 14th inst.
 Mr. D. J. MASON appeared for the complainant.
 Defendant pleaded not guilty.
 Complainant deposed on the night in question, she was in her own house with her husband. The defendant who lived next door, came into their house at 9-30. He was intoxicated, and kicked up a row with his own wife. She ordered him out and he refused. She picked up a poker and said she would make him go out. He then struck her, knocked her down, and kicked her violently on the legs. The assault occurred in a moment or two. Her own husband freed her from the defendant. Defendant was always troublesome during the week-end, coming into their house and using insulting language.
 Mr. MASON asked if the case were proved, the defendant should be bound over to keep the peace.
 Defendant: This is a family affair.
 Wm. MURRAY, the husband of the last witness gave corroborative evidence. He said there were marks on his wife’s legs, both above and below the knee. Witness took defendant off his wife as quick as ever he could. He hit his wife first on the chin.
 Defendant: If I hadn't turned round, she would have hit me with the poker.
 She would have shoved you out.
 Defendant: Has she hit you with a poker?
 Witness” She has hit me many a time with the poker (laughter) but it has nothing to do with this case.
 Mrs. McCOURT also gave corroborative evidence. In reply to defendant, she said she had not seen the complainant fall over two steps in the kitchen.
 Supt. HUTCHINSON, deposed he saw the woman at the police station, and his opinion was that she had been subjected to considerable violence.
 Defendant, addressing the Bench: If I hadn't turned round she would have hit me on the top of the head with the poker. She is very capable of using the poker, (laughter.)
 Defendant was bound over to keep the peace for six month in £5 and ordered to pay the costs to the extent of 9s.