The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, had a conference on Tuesday on the subject on the terms on which the summer service between Whitehaven and the Isle of Man can be carried on.
 The position was this. Last season the Commissioners at first, when applied to for special terms for the summer service, said in effect that they would give all assistance they could give, and that they would accept the revenue to be derived from a charge of 1d per passenger, and a scale of small charges for parcels, “the company to take all responsibility for the safety of their steamers while entering, leaving or lying in the harbour or at the pier, and for all passengers while landing or embarking.”
 On the day on which the service was inaugurated last season, the Steam Packet Company’s representatives had an interview with the Commissioners, and very reluctantly the latter consented to waive the proviso above quoted. Six months ago, the commissioners wrote to the Whitehaven Trader’s Association, who were guarantors of the service, stating that if the service were to be continued new terms would have to be arranged. As no application for revision was received, when in the month of May, paragraphs began to appear in the papers stating that the service was to be continued, the Commissioners wrote to the Isle of Man Company on the subject and with insignificant alteration of the charges for parcels, &c., reaffirmed the proviso as to the responsibility in precisely the same terms as the first proposed.
The Company agreed to the rest of the terms, but declined to accept the proviso as to responsibility. The Commissioners insisted on the proviso as to responsibility. The service was resumed in July, under these circumstances.