On Monday evening a Committee meeting was held at the King of Prussia to consider the propsed new kennels for the Eskdale and Ennerdale Foxhounds, and to receive reports as to the amount of money which had been raised and what amount would be wanted to build new kennels, boiling house, and hospital.
 The secretary was asked what amount of money had been got, and said that he had heard there was about £30 collected. It was decided that the committee would be glad if those who have any money subscribe towards the kennel fund will kindly send it to the secretary of the foxhounds or let him know as early as possible the amount they have in hand before the next meeting, as something will have to be done, as time is drawing near for the hunting season.
 The next meeting was set for Monday next, July 28th, at seven o’clock at the King of Prussia. The new secretary, Mr. J. NICHOLSON, and committee wish all those who are on the committee will attend, and have the subject considered, and decide what is to be done. It is urgent that all those interested should press forward with the matter instead of delaying it nearer the commencement of the season. The new secretary would like to hear from all members of the committee and who are interested in the provision of the new kennels, and anyone wishing to give towards the fund will greatly oblige the committee by communicating with the secretary without loss of time.