An accident which might have been attended by serious results occurred to Mr. Henry CRANE, the electrician at the Lowca Engineering Works on Saturday.
 Mr. CRANE was attending to his usual duties inside the electric engine house, when the travelling crane passing up the yard with the jib somewhat extended, struck an open window just above Mr. CRANE’s head, sending it into the building, and in it’s fall it came in to contact with Mr. CRANE, the outer frame encircling him, and the glass and iron frame work being broken to pieces cut a fearful gash in his neck, severing an artery, and leading to great loss of blood.
 Dr. MURIEL was quickly summoned and was soon in attendance, and with all speed had Mr. CRANE put into his motor car and conveyed him to the Whitehaven Infirmary, where his wounds were dressed, and later he returned home, but in a weak condition from the loss of blood.
 On the previous day a labourer named Alfred HILLIARD also mer with an awkward accident while engaged on the night shift repairing a furnace. It seems that HILLIARD who with two others was working at a considerable height from ground level, missed his footing and fell, and was badly bruised. It was at first feared that his ankle was broken but is was ascertained later that no bones were fractured.