About the time of the rising of the Court at Ambleside on Wednesday, a labourer, of no fixed abode, giving the name of John BURNS, (35), called at the police station and demanded a pair of trousers as his own were torn.
 He was in a drunken condition, and had to be ejected by Constable STEELE. Shortly afterwards he was begging and using abusive language in Compston-street, and had to be locked up. On Thursday he was charged before Mr. G. Murray WILSON with begging, and pleaded guilty.
 Sergeant DEWHURST said when in the cell prisoner said he would have a pair of trousers by hook or by crook, and tore up the pair he had on and said, “Now you will have to find me a pair from somewhere.” Witness had to get him a pair from and old uniform.
 Prisoner said he was begging a pair as he wished to get work at the filter beds, and his own were tore. He was sent to prison for fourteen days with hard labour.