Irton School closed for summer holidays on the 17th and on the following day, Friday the annual school treat was held. It was given this year at Irton Hall, by Mr. and Mrs. ROBSON, who generously extended their invitation to the mothers and the younger brother and sisters of the scholars.
  Dull and somewhat threatening in the early morning, the weather improved as the day advanced, the afternoon being quite fine.. The school children assembled near the Lodge entrance, and accompanied by their teachers and the Vicar (the Rev. W. L. THOMAS) marched to the front of the Hall. After a few words of kindly welcome from their host and hostess the children soon dispersed to disport themselves on the beautiful and extensive lawn, where ample provision had been made for their amusement. While one party of boys played at rounders, with the historic oak tree as a base, other boys indulged at throws at Aunt Sallies, while the girls amused themselves at skipping, &c.
 Mr. And Mrs. ROBSON worked indefatigably and did the utmost to add to the enjoyment of their guests. An excellent tea was provided, to which young and old did ample justice. Afterwards a varied and attractive programme of sports was commenced, the winners being awarded by Mr. ROBSON immediately after each event. While sports were in progress many adults present availed themselves of the pleasure of a walk through the gardens and grounds of the hall.
 Shortly before the close of the proceedings, the school prizes to 1912-13 were distributed, Mrs. ROBSON gracefully performing this pleasing function.
 Subsequently, the Vicar, on behalf of the company, thanked Mr. And Mrs. ROBSON for their hospitality and their great kindness in giving such an excellent school treat. The children endorsed the Vicar’s remarks by giving three hearty cheers. The National Anthem was sung, and as the children left for home, cakes and sweets were distributed, and each child received a King George sixpence.