The members of the Egremont Town’s Band have been very unfortunate in losing the service of one of their most highly respected members in the person of Mr. J. BRAITHWAITE, who on Thursday evening last, accompanied by his wife, son and Mrs. LITHGOW, left for Greymouth, New Zealand.
 Mr. J. BRAITHWATE has been a very active member fo the band for a few years, and his fellow bandsmen considered it necessary that his past services were worthy of a small remuneration. A beautiful gold medal was subscribed for, and this was handed to him on Wednesday evening week, at the Band Headquarters.
 Mr. T. FROSTICK, conductor, in making the presentation, expressed his regret at losing the services of Mr. BRAITHWAITE. In him they had not only a member who had the band at heart, but also a good friend.  Mr. FROSTICK, was sure that he was only voicing the opinions of the other playing members that Mr. BRAITHWAITE was leaving Egremont with the best wishes of all present. He had been approached by the members to ask Mr. BRAITHWAITE to accept a gold medal, which was inscribed as follows: -
 “Presented to Mr. J. BRAITHWAITE, with the best wishes of the Egremont Town’s Band, July 15th 1913.”
 This was a token of respect and friendship with which he was held by his colleagues in the band.
 Mr. J. BRAITHWAITE in responding, said he was greatly indebted for their beautiful present. He would treasure this, and no doubt it would remind him of his happy connection with the Egremont Town’s Band. He wished the Band every success. A rousing send off was given to the emigrants, the attendance at the Railway station signifying that both families were held in high esteem.