The promoters for the treat for the St. James’ Catholic School children were unfortunate in the choice of a day this year for the annual school treat for children.
 At one o’clock, the children, attired in their best, assembled at the schoolrooms and were arranged into processional order, the infants taking the lead, followed by the girls, and as most were in white, they looked very neat.
 There was a plentiful supply of banners bearing religious emblems, and the manner in which these were arranged, as well as the formation of the whole procession, reflected a great deal of credit on the teachers and promoters.
 Throughout the best order prevailed, and the children marched round the town three a breast with almost military precision. Owing to the wet the procession was considerably curtailed, but nevertheless the younger children were wisely sent home to change their clothing before tea was provided, the latter being supplied by Mr. FLOYD.
 After the children's tea, adults were provided, there being a good attendance at this part of the proceedings. The games, sports &c., which should have been held in the afternoon, had to be abandoned on account of the wet weather.