On Friday, previous to breaking up for the summer holidays, the teachers and scholars of the council Schools, St. Bees, assembled to make a presentation to Miss. Maggie McKAY, one of the teachers who is leaving to take up an appointment at Thornhill, Scotland.
 The gift consisted of ebony and silver hairbrush and mirror and a silver mounted comb. Mr. J. HARTLEY, headmaster, made the presentation, saying they were sorry to lose Miss. McKAY from the school, where she had spent so many years as a scholar and latterly as a teacher. They hoped she would prosper in her new enterprise, and when she used the articles they had given her she would be reminded of the happy times spent at St. Bees school.
 Miss. MCKAY feelingly thanked all for their present, She said it would not be necessary to use the mirror and brush for her to be reminded of the scholars and teachers she was leaving, as she would always have the most pleasant recollections of the happy time she had spent there.