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 The scholars and adults attending the Presbyterian Church and Sunday School journeyed to Silecroft on Friday afternoon. The weather was fine but rather dull. Tea and sports were provided for the children, and tea for the public was served by friends.
 Silecroft was an ideal choice for a Sunday School trip. Noted for its beach and the extensive view that can be obtained from the Black Combe, which is near by, a big crowd was drawn, and a grand days outing resulted. The return was made about nine o’clock.
 The members of the Whitehaven Congregational Choir had their outing to Netherwasdale, leaving Whitehaven in the motor char-a-banc about eight o’clock. The journey itself was especially enjoyable, and the stay at Netherwasdale and district in such beautiful weather was very much enjoyed.
 Lunch and tea were partaken of, and the party returned at night, all having had a good time.