The patrons of the Palace are highly delighted with the fare provided this week, the artistes and pictures being the best that can be had.
 The Orphans Comedy Trio, three men and a piano, are having a splendid reception each evening, their voices blending perfectly, and the solo singing is very fine, in fact, the audience encore them until they are compelled to return several times.
 Tom GARLAND is a great success, being one of the last ventriloquists that has been here, and his conjuring is very smart, the more you watch the less you see. He is a clean, clever, smart turn.
 The pictures have been very fine for the first three nights, and we are promised some exceptionally good ones for the last three nights.
 On Monday July 28th, we have a visit of Three Atlantics, two ladies and one gentlemen, American entertainers extraordinary, introducing refined comedy, great dancing and up-to-date musical rag time novelties; the Junes, duettists and dancers; and Kay, the aviator entertainer, presenting his Puppet Palladium.
 Mr. Walter KAY has been for the last two years the popular manager of the hippodrome, Cleator Moor, and has now embarked upon the music halls, so the management expect large audiences to give them a hearty send off. On Monday don’t fail to call and see the King’s visit to Liverpool.