On Wednesday week a grand garden fete and confetti carnival was held in the Ennerdale Hall Pleasure Grounds, which are now looking very beautiful, and from their elevated position command a fine view of the surrounding district extending over the Solway.
 This fete is undoubtedly very popular, as evidenced by the large number of ladies and gentlemen who enjoyed the proceedings. A splendid programme of dance music was discoursed by the Cockermouth Industrial School band and a gay throng danced on the lawn under ideal conditions.
 The singing of Mr. HUMPHREY’s concert party added to the interest. The waltzing competition was won by Mr. CULLEN, Cleator Moor and Miss. HUGHES, Frizington.
 The swings see-saws and other attractions were well patronised. Mrs. WRIGHT the proprietress, and a staff of waitresses, attended to the catering department in the large dining room, doing a large business.
 A concert was held at night, which was attended by a large and appreciative audience, supper being also served. The event proved most successful, and might be repeated.