It will be seen by an advertisement in another  column, that the
anniversary of the Maryport Baptist Church will commence on  Sunday next, when sermons
will be preached by the Rev. James BAILLIE, of Bath,  and in the afternoon a
Sunday School service will be held. On Tuesday there will  be a tea festival,
and in the evening a public meeting, when the Rev. J. BAILLIE  will deliver a
lecture on "The Scottish Covenanters." These services have always  been
successful, and the one next week is not likely to be an exception to the  rule.

   The congregation of Our Lady and St. Patrick's  Church intend having a
Mission preached, commencing on Monday next. Two eminent  missionary preachers,
the Rev. Fathers WHITE and HOPKINS, of the Society of  Jesus, will conduct the
services. The Rev. J. I. CUMMINS since his arrival in  Maryport has worked
most assiduously for his congregation, and we understand  that during the
mission it is his intention to have a Confirmation  service.

   Mrs. STEWARD and Miss. CRAIGEN, it will be seen,  are to address a public
meeting in the Athenaeum on Wednesday next, on "Public  Morality." A Local
Option Meeting is to be held in the Primitive Methodist  Chapel on Thursday
next, and is to be addressed by Mr. GRUBB, Harrowgate; Mr.  John PATON, Barrhead;
and Mr. T. CARRICK, Appleby.



   On Wednesday evening last a lecture was delivered  in the Wesleyan
Chapel, Cockermouth, by the Rev. David HILL (late missionary in  China), entitled
"China, and Christian Missions in China." The lecturer was  attired in Chinese
costume. The pastor, the Rev. R. MANDALE, presided. There was  a good
attendance, every part of the chapel being well filled. At the close of  the lecture
collections were taken on behalf of the Wesleyan Mission in  China.