We have received the following  extract from a  letter from
Constantinople: -

   "Much gloom has been thrown over this place lately  by the sad affair of
the sportsmen in Asia Minor, about which you have doubtless  heard in the
English papers. The imprudence of going to those wild places  without an
interpreter, or a knowledge of the customs of the place, brought  about
misunderstandings which resulted in the mortally wounding of Captain  SHELBY, of the Falcon,
and subsequently his death.

   This you will probably have heard through the  papers, but what you will
not have heard, because I do not think it has been  published, is the way in
which Captain GRENFELL's life was saved. Under  Providence he owes it to the
great courage and presence of mind of one of the  English gentlemen who
unfortunately was not with the others at the time of the  trouble. This one, with his
knowledge of Turkish and of habits of these savage  Albanian shepherds,
prevailed upon one of the chiefs to take a solemn oath that  no harm should be done
to Captain G. (tightly bound) while he (Mr. W.) went to  seek for medical aid.
This solemn oath was taken, and followed up by a still  more binding one,
which the Albanian voluntarily took after the manner of his  country by giving
his hand to Captain G., for whose life he then declared  himself answerable. Mr.
W. then went off, and has subsequently learnt that the  Albanian really did
defend, and probably save Captain G's life at the risk of  his own, standing
between him and his own band, who, in Mr. W.'s absence, tried  to put the
Capatin to death.



   On Saturday last, a match was played on the  Cockermouth Green between
Cockermouth and Keswick teams, when the game resulted  in favour of Keswick.



   On Monday evening last the Rev. A. WARRIS, rector  of Moresby, delivered
a lecture, entitled "Character," at the Cockermouth Young  Men's Christian
Association Room. Mr. T. M. HARRIS presided. At the close of the  lecture the
usual votes of thanks were passed to the lecturer and the  chairman.